Why are we different?

Who are one&zero?


one&zero provide independent consultancy services to the upstream petroleum industry


Our consultants specialise in data acquisition planning and execution with a focus on wireline logging and LWD services


We have experience with all of the major service companies, providing unbiased quality control, audits and assessments you can trust


We provide access to knowledge experts in operations related to:


  • Formation testing & sampling
  • Petrophysics
  • Geomechanics
  • Geophysics
  • Unconventional resource evaluation


one&zero are striving to provide consistently high levels in their service delivery. This is achieved  through an absolute commitment to quality:








Our auditors are trained to IRCA standards by

Our primary aim is to help you manage risk by ensuring you get the accurate information you need to make decisions


one&zero's Remote Witness Portalâ„¢  lets you know what is happening at the wellsite minute-by-minute during ops


With our unique Data Quality Control (DQC) work flow, the first of its type in the industry, we ensure data quality is consistently high and operations are executed as you planned, thus reducing the demands on wellsite personnel


Our systematic processes extend to audits and contract review. providing cross comparative, systematic data within the sector. We provide the information you need to make decisions on service provider selection


We provide service quality and HSE data sets of operations to our clients to assist in future service provision and monitor safety performance


Our clients have access to our on online database for up-to-date equipment and services specifications


Collaboration. As part of our knowledge portal, any questions can be raised in our online "knowledge DB" linked to some of the leading experts in the industry



Achilles JQS Managing for Quality



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